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Who Knows What Is Possible?

Pass your Social Work License Examination and follow with a few more successful steps, and you might even retire in a beautiful place such as Southern Colorado.

Southern Colorado (c.2009, WTB)

Southern Colorado (c.2009, WTB)

Can You Apply These Concepts to a Real World Situation?

  The Social Work Licensure exams at all levels can be viewed as measures of aptitude, knowledge and critical thinking skills related to Social Work Practice at various levels.  In order to test for these criteria, many of the examination questions have patterns similar to those that follow:

  • Which symptom most clearly distinguishes a consumer diagnosed with _______ from one diagnosed with _______? 
  • Which symptom is (most/or/least) likely to be present with a consumer having _______ disorder?
  • In a given situation, the social worker’s priority is?
  • While assessing a (consumer/or/situation) for a immediate need for intervention, a social worker would focus (most/or/least) on ______?
  • Which would be the first step a social worker would take in helping a consumer with ________?
  • In this situation, the social worker should hold the first interview with/or/speak first with) _________?
  • Faced with a given (situation/or/consumer), the social worker should first _________?
  • Given this particular consumer with these symptoms, the appropriate diagnosis would be ________?
  • The best definition of ___________ for social workers to use as they attempt to ________ with a consumer under _______ circumstances would be __________?
  • In a _______ treatment group with consumers who have _________, the _______ phase should be followed by the _______ phase.
  • When presented with ________ symptoms, and in trying to make a diagnosis of ________, a social worker should first rule out _______?
  • If presented with a consumer who exhibits ________, the most important task for the _____ social worker to do at this time would be?

  OK, so what can one do with this information (above)?  Several lists of basic social work concepts are available which one could use to create practice questions using the templates above.  The lists are available here and there.

  So what are you waiting for???  Go for it!

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Texas Jurisprudence Exam

  In Texas and many other states, in order to obtain a professional Social Work license, one must successfully complete the Texas Board of Social Work Examiners’ Jurisprudence Examination.

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