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“17,728 Social Work Jobs”

  According to this recent blog posting at The heART of Social Work Blog, there are, “17,728 social work positions in the Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs”.

  Very interesting…  Something to think about once the Social Work License Exam is in the past.


View LMSW Jobs for Insights into Exam

  Briefly reviewing the employment ads that are currently published that require an LMSW can help one understand more fully the roles, duties, qualifications, settings, and other requirements for being an LMSW.  In turn, this information could be helpful regarding studying for the LMSW licensing examination.

  Here are a few informative links to follow:

  There are many more.

  When one examines the job descriptions posted in these employment advertisements one can begin to get a much more accurate idea of the actual role of LMSW-Licensed Social Workers.