The “Social Work Professional” Blog is published by William T. Beverly, Ph.D.  William has lived an interesting life which includes the attainment of a GED in the early 1980’s, followed by four college degrees — including an M.S.W. and Ph.D.  in Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University twenty years later.

  William’s reason for this effort is largely to try and help others fulfill their dreams as did he.  He also wants to learn more about how people successfully navigate their Professional Social Work experiences.  And the mission of this project is to provide useful and entertaining information to help others (i.e., general public, teaching professionals, or students) who are either observing, surviving, learning about, or succeeding through similar circumstances.

  If this resource has been helpful to you and you wish to support it,    PLEASE feel free to make a monetary donation to help William keep this effort going.  Small or large; every penny helps.  If you would like to make a Donation,  do so through Pay Pal, Send a Check, Cash or Money Order made out to:  William Beverly at P.O. Box 1271  Edinburg, TX 78540.  Thank you for your support.

  This site has no financial sponsorship nor has it any consistently paid advertising.  Alllistings and references to other information sources, products or entities are made for informational purposes only.  Should this site accept funding from advertisers or other sources, the published ads or banners will be clearly marked with the word “advertisement” or “Sponsor”.  It is the intention of Dr. Beverly to not allow content on this blog to be swayed or directly influenced by commercial promotions or advertising.

Submitting Comments to “Social Work Professional”

  You are welcome to submit comments or to contribute helpful information either via comments on www.socialworkprofessional.wordpress.com , by email to nepeht@hotmail.com, or through the U.S. Mail to P.O. Box 1271 Edinburg, Texas 78540.  Naturally, it is imperative that any information submitted for publication should be true and accurate to the knowledge of the author.  If making a substantive comment please be sure to provide source information or proof about the information such as with references to the original link, the published newspaper, magazine, book, journal, report, expert or other source.   

  Dr. Beverly has a policy of reprinting only information including email addresses that is intended for the public as demonstrated through its submission as a “Comment” on this site.  He will not publish information that he views as too personal, too revealing or otherwise could leave the commenting author vulnerable.  Dr. Beverly reserves the right to edit out any information that he considers inappropriate. 

Confidentiality and Privacy Policy Statement

  The confidentiality of data and personal information relating to individuals who visit this blog, including their identity and email address, blog, website or other contact information, is respected on this blog. Dr. Beverly commits to honor the privacy of all persons who visit. It is Dr. Beverly’s goal to consistently honor or exceed the legal requirements of educational/personal information privacy that apply throughout the U.S.A. and the Commonwealth of Virginia as well as the State of Texas.  As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (Virginia), Dr. Beverly is committed to maintaining adherence to the NASW Code of Ethics.

  When commenting about a posting on this blog a reader may be asked to type in a name and email address in order to “submit” the comment and complete the “comment” process.  The name entered by this person and the typed comment are published if and when Dr. Beverly determines this comment is genuine and appropriate and that the content serves to further the altruistic informational mission of this blog.

  No personal information about visitors, readers or those who submit comments is published on this blog except that which is voluntarily submitted for publication through the comment process and is also deemed appropriate by Dr. Beverly.  Dr. Beverly has no direct clinical relationship or arrangement with readers and neither collects or publishes any personal information about readers.

  Email addresses of visitors, readers and those who submit comments are not published on this blog or elsewhere by Dr. Beverly.  No identifying or personal information about readers, visitors, or those who submit comments to this blog is intentionally kept, systematically organized, stored, sold, or given out by Dr. Beverly.  The email addresses submitted during the comment process are temporarily kept in a secure file for confirmation purposes only.  This blog does not use cookies or any other covert method of collecting information about readers, visitors, or those who submit comments.

About Doctor Beverly

  wb_side Dr. Beverly has years of experience in various human services roles including as an educator, professor, social service provider, psychotherapist, researcher, advocate, consultant, policy maker, author,  photojournalist, editor, actor and musician.  His full vita is available upon request. 

  Though Dr. Beverly holds a License to practice Clinical Social Work (L.C.S.W.) in Virginia and some of the topics on this site deal with psychologically related issues, the contents on this site are in no way intended to initiate or maintain any sort of formal clinical relationship between Dr. Beverly and any one else.  No information or advice available on this site is intended to interfere with or replace in any way the Patient-Doctor or Consumer-Therapist relationship. 

  Dr. Beverly may be available for related consultations, as well as workshops and presentations concerning Social Work Professional / Licensure Attainment.  Send him an email at nepeht@hotmail.com.

  Thank you for your support and encouragement!

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