LMSW’s Obligations to Others

What are an LMSW’s obligations to others?

Obligations differ depending on to whom we are obligated:

  • Clients / Consumers
  • Peers, Other Professionals
  • The Profession of Social Work
  • Society

Two Questions:

  • How are a Social Worker’s obligations similar across these groups?  And
  • How do a Social Worker’s obligations differ between these groups?

  There are a number of questions on Social Work Licensure Examinations as well as on the required Jurisprudence examination which require a candidate to be able to successfully differentiate an LMSW’s obligations to one versus their obligations to others.

  There is a section in the Code of Ethics which addresses specifically this. 

  Also, a case study type of book about these issues is available and is titled, Controversial Issues in Social Work Ethics, Values and Obligations.


3 responses to “LMSW’s Obligations to Others

  1. What do you do when a LCSW crosses the line with you and gets you involved in both her personal and business life?

    • The first question I would have is whether this “LCSW” was previously in a personal relationship with “you” or a professional relationship with “you”.

  2. I was a client it was just a professional relationship

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